"I specialize in Political Behavior, Political Participation, Political Geography, and Social Networks in the United States.  Specifically, I am interested in how the characteristics of one’s environment affects her political behavior. I use a mix of methodological approaches in my research, including:  field experimentation, survey analysis, geographic information systems, and qualitative data collection. "

“Low Propensity and Low Status Voters Response to Personal Canvassing”

This dataset was collected with a randomized field experiment during the 2004 General Presidential Election.  Voters were randomly assigned into control and treatment groups and personally contacted by a volunteer canvaser.  The goal of the study was to see if contacted low status registered voters would turnout at higher rates than non-contact low status voters.  The study was conducted in Bakersfield, Ca.

“Los Angeles County Voter:  Neighbors and Neighborhoods”

This dataset was compiled by the geocoding of the Los Angeles County Voter History File and merging it with the 2010 Census Tract file.  The goal of this study was to see how the socio-demographic characteristics of a registered voter’s neighborhood affected her turnout rate.

“Characteristics of Place”

This dataset was compiled by the geocoding of the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey, a nationally representative survey.  The geocoded data was then spatially merged with Census Tract data.  Finally, the physical/architectural features of respondents’ neighborhoods were then coded using Google Maps Images.  The goal of this study was to see how the physical/architectural features of one’s neighborhood affected her interaction with her neighbors and subsequent political participation.

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